Dag Modu of Temperament

Dag Modu is a 1/2 ogre fighter and finding member of the adventuring party known as Temperament. Dag sees his responsibility in the group to be their protector. This often times results in a clash of egos between Dag and Salvatore Ramirez, Temperament’s paladin and spokesman.

Dag was raised by his human father in Kappaton, a small farming village near the town of Razorview in Kinuari. His father was the village’s smithy, but Dag never developed the temperament or talent to carry on the trade. Instead he gravitated to odd tasks requiring a lot of muscle around the community.

After disease took his father, Dag took the coin from selling the smithy and headed to Razorview to pursue his destiny. It was here, at the Inn of the Magenta Banjo that Dag met Salvatore Ramirez and Sarella Vonda and they formed Temperament.

Dag Modu

Half Ogre Fighter 3 – Male

Dag Modu
Temperament Member

Hit Points: 23
Armor Class: 4 (Splint Mail)
Weapon of Choice: Two Handed Axe (Stats as Bardiche)

Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Dag is a strong and imposing individual. He tends to use intimidation to meet his needs before resorting to violence. Dag has a strong sense of justice and does not suffer bullies of those he meets.

Strength:18/55Hit: +2 Dam: +3
Dexterity:10React:AC Adj:
Constitution:16HP: +2 SSS: 95%
Charisma:8React: 0%


The is my January 6th entry for the 2023 Character Creation Challenge. A personal challenge to create a new character everyday in the month of January. The participants can elect game system and methods. I’m of course using 1/2e AD&D and focusing on NPCs for my home-brew campaign. This year I’m going to focus on a small nation at the southern end of the Leitan Peninsula, Kunari. I’ll improve the stat block and add some links to my wiki in the days to come.

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