Tarbel the Resolute


Tarbel the Resolute is a 6th Level Male Human Fighter of Neutral Good alignment.  Tarbel is one 

of three Sargent’s of the Guard and First Sargent in South Haav.  Tarbel is a South Haav native and has lived in the vicinity of the town his entire life.


Tarbel is a strong and bulky human male.  He uses his size to intimidate ne’er-do-wells and general rabble rousers before resorting to his strength.

Attitude and Outlook:

Tarbel has a strong sense of justice and is extremely loyal to the community of South Haav.  He looks for the good in most people and is quick to offer up the benefit of a doubt that many of the younger and more enthusiastic guards will not.


As a Sargent of the Guard, Tarbel can be found either training the younger guards, or accompanying a patrol around the town.  His rank of First Sargent entitles him to working the day shift, although he is often seen patrolling with his men on other shifts.

Should a dispute arise between a local and an outsider, there will be a much deeper burden of proof placed upon the outsider. Tarbel is not above looking the other way should a law breaker have good intentions behind their malfeasance.

Material Possessions

Tarbel has very few possessions beyond his working kit.  The pronounced exception are the paired masterwork long and short sword he is never seen without.  Rumors circulate at the local pubs about a chest with years of accumulated pay as he has no expenses.

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The Broker

Trish Holiday, known to everyone as The Broker, is a critical mover and shaker in South Haav. Trish is the sole propriter of South Haav’s only A.B.C. Though she started her adult life as a Higgsonium Harvester, she quickly adapted to frontier town life and established The Brokery and spends most of her waking hours tending to the needs of her shop.

Trish is a youthful human female and quite imposing, despite the youthful appearance of her facial features. Most of her intensity comes from her mental prowess and not physical attributes. Trish’s mind works fast and efficiently and she is quick to anticipate peoples motives and behavior. She tends to be 2 steps ahead of people that she is interacting with. She is quick to anger and rather pessimistic.

Before retiring from Higgsonium Harvesting, Trish managed to acquire several artifacts and void touched devices. Only a two of which are common knowledge to the general population of South Haav. The first is a 6 shot revolver that appears to be in pristine condition. Trish, proudly wears the pistol at her side at almost all times. While no one knows for certain, there are rumors that Trish also has over 10,000 rounds stockpiled for her sidearm. The second widely know item, is void touched. A single dusty rose colored, prismatic shaped ioun stone that orbits her head. The stone is known to provide uncanny dodging capabilities in combat and, in general, increase the luck of the owner.

With regards to her more mundane equipment, Trish has a smallish fixed blade knife sheathed at her side for personal protection should the intimidation of her pistol fail. Denim pants, T-shirts, and a fisherman’s vest are her go to clothing.

Trish will be open and honest with new people met, but if she feels slighted or wronged, Trish is quick to fall into a well of pessimism and will call people out. In business dealings she is fair and honest, but will escalate confrontations to a potentially deadly level. And though she is friendly with most citizens of South Haav, her hair trigger temper has made close aquaintenaces hard to come by.

As the town’s only Broker, PCs working in and around town will come to know Trish well. Wheather it’s for exchanging Higgsonium, getting new jobs, or being paid for old ones, Trish and the PCs will be in close contact.

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A Tale of the New Age

The year was 2020.  The time was known as The Winnowing.  A horrible plague ravaged the economies of the word.  Populations of the earth were cut to one third their pre-plague numbers and they clamored for relief.  Major governments announced a project that dwarfed the Apollo program of the 1960s that put humans on the moon.  The nations of earth announced they were going to the stars.

The Advent project sought to develop the technology for faster than light travel to make interstellar travel possible.  Scientists and engineers around the globe developed materials, technologies, and systems to move humanity the stars.  In less than 30 years the planet mobilized and The Advent project neared completion.  The missing tech, completion and testing of the FTL drive.

The theory was that if micro singularities could be linked at the quantum level, travel between two singularities would be nearly instantaneous.  An initial test between the CERN Super Collider and Argon National Labs High Energy Photon Source succeeded, phenomenally.  All that remained was to test travel in the presence of multiple singularities and validate the possibility of planned navigation.

Scientists at CERN, Argon, Cambridge, Villigen, Oak Ridge, Fermi Lab, Darmstadt, Beijing, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, New Chernobyl, New Delhi, and Teheran were to simultaneously create the micro singularities and mass was to be transported to each of the locales in sequence.

Unfortunately, the proximity of the singularities created a resonant feedback loop that made the reactions self-powering and incapable of being shut down.  Then the unimaginable happened, thirteen gates to an alternate dimension opened at each of the sites.  This was for evermore known as The Crossing.

Creatures and materials from the alternate dimension spewed forth into our world running amok and altering it forever.  What could only be described as creatures of the void slayed humans by the millions.  They burned forests and towns and threatened the entire human race.

The Iranians were the first to take action and detonated a thermonuclear device in the center of their cyclotron.  The inrush of energy overloaded the singularity and sealed the gate.  The explosion destroyed much of Tehran and set into motion that which nearly ended the world.

The North Korean’s assumed the detonation was the work of the Israeli’s and launched missiles at Jerusalem.  The US in accordance with its treaties launched SLBMs at North Korea which resulted in China launching.  In the confusion that ensued, The US, UK, China, Russia, Ukraine, France, Pakistan, Israel, India, South Africa, and North Korea all used numerous nuclear weapons before things got sorted out.

The combination of radioactivity, creatures from alternate dimensions, and the energy from the singularities scattered a previously unknown element around the globe; Higgsonium.

Higgsonium is a magical element that simultaneously exists in 13 different dimensions.  It is the source of magical power in the new world.  It is a highly coveted resource in this world and every other world.  Higgsonium also has a mutating effect on cellular matter from this world.  Over time. Higgsonium induced mutations brought new creatures into this world that fight for survival every day of their existence.

That was over 1000 years ago.  Time has given the earth a chance to stabilize and establish a new norm.  Those that survived have created the seeds of a new civilization. It is 2158 by the old calendars.  Year 8 by London Reckoning (LR).

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Chicken Noodle Soup

Sketch premises involving Chicken Noodle Soup

  • A man in sick on the couch with the Manflu. His wife is pampering him regardless of how silly he is acting over a common flu. Eventually she serves him a bowl of chicken noodle soup that she has prepared from scratch. Unfortunately there are a lot of substitutions made because they were out of a lot of things. e.g. the chicken is cat food, the noodles and strips of potato, the broth is 7-Up.
  • A work break room has a refrigerator. There are a couple workers present that are trying to identify the contents of a Tupperware container. Their analysis keeps getting more and more obscure. Eventually a third worker enters and asks what the hell are you guys doing with my chicken noodle soup.
  • There is a Wine Cellar like facility for selecting vintage chicken noodle soups. A soup sommelier is present that describes the details of the soup. It drills down to the level that the lineage and specific chicken that is slaughtered to go into that batch of soup.
  • A single guy is trying to prepare a meal for his girlfriend. He only has a can of chicken noodle soup in the cupboard. He does not have a can opener. This will be mostly a silent sketch where there is a struggle to complete the impossible task of opening the can without the can opener.
  • A lab scene. There are a couple of scientists arguing over temperatures, volumes, time, and other very specific variables. They are making soup for their lunch. the sketch ends with them stating they only have 10 minutes left to eat their chicken noodle soup before they have to get back to work.
  • A couple of chickens are arguing over which one of them would make a better chicken noodle soup. Some kind of cannibalism joke could go in here.
  • Two cops are on a stake-out. They are debating something inane while drinking chicken noodle soup and hot coffee. The soup might not really have anything to do with the sketch, but the consumption of it inspired the premise.
  • Chicken soup is known a Jewish Penicillin. Could a pharmacy exist where there are other cultural cures. e.g. Italian Viagra, Spanish Anti-Inflamitory, Irish Hangover Cure, etc…
  • Guy comes into a restaurant and wants to order something that he had at a restaurant on vacation but can’t remember what it was called. He keeps finding ways to describe chicken soup, but when the server says that’s chicken soup, he insists that it isn’t.
  • Grandmother is teaching a child to make chicken soup. As each ingredient is added, there is a story that is wildly tangental and highly inappropriate for the child.
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