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On Allopathic Medicine

A little bit of clarification and pontification after my last post. I thought I was completely open that I wasn’t disparaging allopathic medicine. To the point of its study is just as important for achieving self-sufficiency as studying herbal, traditional … Continue reading

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My Materia Medica

There have been a lot of lessons learned since March of 2020. One of the big ones for me is solidifying my distrust of the supply chain, just in time manufacturing, and other fragile systems responsible for getting us the … Continue reading

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Choke Me in the Shallow Water…

I’ve had this blog for a long time and its focus has drifted with what I was interested in at the moment. I lost a lot of my musings when I changed platforms and probably could have gotten them back, … Continue reading

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Granix Tobmund

Granix needs a backstory. Granix Tobmund Half Orc Cleric 3 – Male Hit Points: 20Armor Class: 4 (Chain Mail and Shield)Weapon of Choice: Staff Alignment: Neutral Good (True Neutral Tendencies)Personality: ?? Strength: 16 Hit: – Dam: +1 Intelligence: 8 Wisdom: … Continue reading

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