Master Jerri Ulrich – Harbormaster Visée la Mere

Master Ulrich runs the port at Visée la Mere efficiently and more or less morally. She began working the harbor as runner disguised as a boy. Working hard and smart, she joined the longshoreman’s guild and before she was 18 had become a guild officer at large.

One evening she stumbled into an operation being run by the local thieves guild. Captured, questioned, possibly tortured and magically scanned, Jerri emerged from the event after implementing she always refers to as Green Fire as a member of the guild and retained her position in port. No other detail have been disclosed.

Eventually Jerri rises to the position of Harbormaster after a series of untimely deaths of her superiors.

Master Jerri Ulrich

Human Assassin 10 – Female

Jerri Ulrich
Harbormaster Visée la Mere

Hit Points: 48
Armor Class: 4 (Leather and +4 Dexterity Bonus)
Weapon of Choice: Dagger

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Strength: 11
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 11
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 15
Charisma: 14


The is my January 5th entry for the 2023 Character Creation Challenge. A personal challenge to create a new character everyday in the month of January. The participants can elect game system and methods. I’m of course using 1/2e AD&D and focusing on NPCs for my home-brew campaign. This year I’m going to focus on a small nation at the southern end of the Leitan Peninsula, Kunari. I’ll improve the stat block and add some links to my wiki in the days to come.

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