T’ellujax – Member of Temperament

Orphaned and left to the local Oella shrine for care, T’ellujax grew up in the church and defends the church to this day. She views the church as sole reason she wasn’t killed by the raiders from the Razorback Mountains and will do everything in her power to protect them from the same.

Upon reaching adulthood, T’ellujax prayed and studied to become a cleric in the church. While the skill and devotion was there, church leaders questioned her patience and wondered if ministering the needy was the ‘best’ use of her talents. Instead, T’ellujax was conveniently assigned to travel the peninsula ministering to the lost and bringing them into the fold.

Eventually T’ellujax found her way into the Inn of the Magenta Banjo in Razorview where she became acquainted with Dag Modu, Salvatore Ramirez, and Torsion. They had recently formed an adventuring party and were looking for a dedicated healer. T’ellujax fit the bill and was excited to explore the new challenges adventuring presented.


Human Cleric 3 – Female

Cleric of Oella

Hit Points: 14
Armor Class: 4 (Chain Mail and Shield)
Weapon of Choice: Spiked Mace

Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: T’ellujax is is quick to act and easy to anger. Especially in defense of the tenant’s of Oella.

Wisdom:16MAA: +2
Dexterity:11React:AC Adj:
Constitution:11HP:SSS: 70%
Charisma:15React: +15%

Spells by Level

Level 1

BlessCure Light WoundsCommand
Cure Light Wounds

Level 2

Slow PoisonHold PersonSpiritual Hammer


The is my January 7th entry for the 2023 Character Creation Challenge. A personal challenge to create a new character everyday in the month of January. The participants can elect game system and methods. I’m of course using 1/2e AD&D and focusing on NPCs for my home-brew campaign. This year I’m going to focus on a small nation at the southern end of the Leitan Peninsula, Kunari. I’ll improve the stat block and add some links to my wiki in the days to come.

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