Eleanoir DeLandris – Guardian of Islewatch

On the Kunari’s shores on the Bay of Mastesch, near the nexus of The Razorback Mountains, the Zocan Empire, and Kinuari is the Keep of Islewatch. The Islewatch is an ancient order responsible for maintaining a vigil upon The Island of Seacleave. The Island of Seacleave is the foothold that denizens of the Elemental Plane of Earth used for incursions into the Prime Material Plane during the elemental wars of the b.g.t. epoch. There are no records confirming destruction of the Earth Gate on the island so the Islewatch stands ready as the tip of the spear should the elemental hordes return.

Eleanoir Delandris began her vigil, like most Guardians, at the age of 6. Showing great aptitude in the martial arts as a child, her parents entered her in the annual recruitment competition at the Keep of Islewatch. Petitioners from Kinuari, Zocan, and the occasional Razorback Pioneer enter the competition with hopes of becoming Guardians. Only the top contestants are selected as squires at the end of the contest.

Selected in 6517 g.t., Eleanoir excelled in her training and duties and was quickly elevated to Defender of Islewatch, the order’s first and oldest regiment. While a defender, Eleanoir, impressed her leadership, gained the respect of her peers and earned an appointment to the Guardians of Islewatch. The Guardians are small flexible special operations unit that reports directly to Islewatch’s commander, Brigadier Sur Mere.

Eleanoir’s current assignment is solo recon on the shores of The Bay of Mastesch where she is ever vigilant for intruders.

Eleanoir DeLandris

Human Ranger 3 – Female

Eleanoir DeLandris – Guardian of Islewatch Image Credit: characterportraits.tumblr.com

Hit Points: 25
Armor Class: 4 (Studded Leather and Dex Adjustment)
Weapon of Choice: Hand Axe in melee and Throwing Axe for Ranged

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength: 14
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 14
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 14
Charisma: 12


The is my January 1st entry for the 2023 Character Creation Challenge. A personal challenge to create a new character everyday in the month of January. The participants can elect game system and methods. I’m of course using 1/2e AD&D and focusing on NPCs for my home-brew campaign. This year I’m going to focus on a small nation at the southern end of the Leitan Peninsula, Kunari. I’ll improve the stat block and add some links to my wiki in the days to come. For now…Here’s Eleanoir.


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