The Broker

Trish Holiday, known to everyone as The Broker, is a critical mover and shaker in South Haav. Trish is the sole propriter of South Haav’s only A.B.C. Though she started her adult life as a Higgsonium Harvester, she quickly adapted to frontier town life and established The Brokery and spends most of her waking hours tending to the needs of her shop.

Trish is a youthful human female and quite imposing, despite the youthful appearance of her facial features. Most of her intensity comes from her mental prowess and not physical attributes. Trish’s mind works fast and efficiently and she is quick to anticipate peoples motives and behavior. She tends to be 2 steps ahead of people that she is interacting with. She is quick to anger and rather pessimistic.

Before retiring from Higgsonium Harvesting, Trish managed to acquire several artifacts and void touched devices. Only a two of which are common knowledge to the general population of South Haav. The first is a 6 shot revolver that appears to be in pristine condition. Trish, proudly wears the pistol at her side at almost all times. While no one knows for certain, there are rumors that Trish also has over 10,000 rounds stockpiled for her sidearm. The second widely know item, is void touched. A single dusty rose colored, prismatic shaped ioun stone that orbits her head. The stone is known to provide uncanny dodging capabilities in combat and, in general, increase the luck of the owner.

With regards to her more mundane equipment, Trish has a smallish fixed blade knife sheathed at her side for personal protection should the intimidation of her pistol fail. Denim pants, T-shirts, and a fisherman’s vest are her go to clothing.

Trish will be open and honest with new people met, but if she feels slighted or wronged, Trish is quick to fall into a well of pessimism and will call people out. In business dealings she is fair and honest, but will escalate confrontations to a potentially deadly level. And though she is friendly with most citizens of South Haav, her hair trigger temper has made close aquaintenaces hard to come by.

As the town’s only Broker, PCs working in and around town will come to know Trish well. Wheather it’s for exchanging Higgsonium, getting new jobs, or being paid for old ones, Trish and the PCs will be in close contact.

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