Tarbel the Resolute


Tarbel the Resolute is a 6th Level Male Human Fighter of Neutral Good alignment.  Tarbel is one 

of three Sargent’s of the Guard and First Sargent in South Haav.  Tarbel is a South Haav native and has lived in the vicinity of the town his entire life.


Tarbel is a strong and bulky human male.  He uses his size to intimidate ne’er-do-wells and general rabble rousers before resorting to his strength.

Attitude and Outlook:

Tarbel has a strong sense of justice and is extremely loyal to the community of South Haav.  He looks for the good in most people and is quick to offer up the benefit of a doubt that many of the younger and more enthusiastic guards will not.


As a Sargent of the Guard, Tarbel can be found either training the younger guards, or accompanying a patrol around the town.  His rank of First Sargent entitles him to working the day shift, although he is often seen patrolling with his men on other shifts.

Should a dispute arise between a local and an outsider, there will be a much deeper burden of proof placed upon the outsider. Tarbel is not above looking the other way should a law breaker have good intentions behind their malfeasance.

Material Possessions

Tarbel has very few possessions beyond his working kit.  The pronounced exception are the paired masterwork long and short sword he is never seen without.  Rumors circulate at the local pubs about a chest with years of accumulated pay as he has no expenses.

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