Regarding Astrology

I need to start by saying that I don’t believe anything about Astrology. I’m often times surprised at the revelation of friends who place stock in it. People that I otherwise consider intelligent and well read believe that the position of the sun, moon, and stars can somehow predict their life’s events.

Maybe it the age of the…the…art? I’m not even certain what the right word is for it. I have a hard time calling it a science. I suppose I shouldn’t, have a hard time calling it that. Science isn’t about math, atoms, and falling steel balls. Science is about applying a systematic process to evaluating observations. Have enough people been systematically (and accurately) been predicting people’s events and behaviors to genuinely make this a science?

Astrology certainly has enough time in the game. It’s been going on for centuries. What if it was an early attempt at a social science. A way of categorizing social behaviors and correlating them with something that was measurable and consistent; the position of the stars and planets. These observations and predictions were passed from generation to generation. Memories remembered the successes and permitted the failures to fade. Astrologists became important central figures in their communities. Communities that had no seat of science.

These pillars of the community created archetypes to portray behaviors. Aries – a free spirited friend; Taurus – the stubborn foundation; Gemini – the bold adventurer; Cancer – the appreciative council; Leo – the optimistic visionary; Virgo – the wise problem solver; Libra – the faithful friend; Scorpio – the passionate warrior; Sagittarius – the observant analyst; Capricorn – vibrant with life; Aquarius – the wanderer; and Pisces – the care giver.

But these archetypes might not be as applicable in the world today. The passionate warrior, the bold adventurer? More like today we need the IT guru or the social justice warrior. There has to be more.

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